The Amazing Adventures of Cancer Boy and Limp Girl....

It's not as bad as the title may suggest. Actually, it probably is. But what is life without humour, adventure and little bit of satire to boot?

You may be wondering where the names came from? We have our 17 year old son to thank for those. Also cudos to him for the 'Amazing Adventures' title!

It's pretty simple really.

Rod has cancer, and I have a limp.

If you don't laugh, you will cry. Trust me on that one. Sometimes you do both, and that's fine too. It's just a shame our humour tends to lean towards the inappropriate....more on that another time ;).

But as the title suggests, we like to have adventures! (Amazing ones apparently...)

We've been to the tip of Australia in Far North Queensland, where we wrestled crocodiles and lived off the land. (OK, not that amazing.) But we did camp in some pretty dodgy places and I did swim unknowingly with a crocodile. (Yes, it was a freshwater croc, but still!) We've explored every nook and cranny of Tasmania, eating AMAZING food, and drinking AMAZING beverages. We've snorkelled, hiked, zip lined, been canyoning, caving, swimming, surfing, fishing and visited some pretty awesome places that this pretty awesome country has to offer.

We think that's alright going for someone with a terminal illness and a wife who can't feel one of her legs!

All in our little 1975 caravan Harry. Harry has done around 15,000 kilometres since he joined our family - and he travels well. The little trooper!

Now it's time to prepare for our next BIG ADVENTURE.

I mean our next AMAZING ADVENTURE!

Darwin lookout! Harry is ready. The fishing rods and crochet are packed.

Cancer Boy and Limp Girl are heading your way!!!

#cancer #life #family #travel #caravan #adventure

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