It's time for the purge...

Don't get me wrong. I love clutter. I love stuff. I love all the things in the world. And I love having them on display in my home. I also love adopting unloved things and restoring them. I love adopting things and putting them in the garage for months on end and never getting around to doing the oh so fabulous and amazing things I was planning on doing with them.

OK so maybe I'm a little bit of a hoarder.

But I simply just cannot go past an elegant balloon back chair, sitting all on her lonesome waiting to be restored to her former uppity glory.

OK so maybe I'm a bit of a hoarder.

But why would you snub your nose at a dresser that sings (as if on stage with roses at her feet), of the history that all the ladies who have sat in front of her splendidly bevelled mirror have left behind?

OK so maybe I'm a hoarder.

But isn't it such fun to collect, gather and dream of the endless possibilities these things can achieve? An old wardrobe with actually no wardrobe only the drawer base? That will make a gorgeous velvety buttoned ottoman for the end of my bed! That driftwood? I'll definitely make a garland with those fine pieces! The retro dresser, the single dining chair, the old unloved frame? OH YES I can do something with them!

OK, OK, I'm a hoarder.

I even love shows about hoarders. Especially when they find skeletons of missing pets under the piles. (Jokes, I do feel sad for those poor lost pets, but I'm sure they felt at home). I also make friends with hoarders, people I meet through buying stuff on eBay - going to visit my hoarder friends is like visiting op shop heaven.

Which is fine. Until you have to move 3 hours away. And you have to downsize as your foster son has grown up and moved out and your other son is super excited about going to university and living independently.

No more hoarding. *sigh*

So the Garage Sale is booked in, eBay is in reverse (meaning I'm selling not buying for once) and my husband is over the moon! It will be a very interesting garage sale when I cry everytime I sell something. I'll keep you posted on the calamities of the event.

I hope we don't find the skeleton of Morris the cat who disappeared 15 years ago....

Rebecca x

#declutter #purge #garagesale #hoarder

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