Slow Living - Just another catchcry?

We've all heard them, and we've heard them all....

From the corporate jargon I do not miss;

"Let's unpack this"- umm, it's not a present people!

"Drill down"- to what? Unless of course you're looking for oil...

Ideation, Diarise, Synergise, Innovate, Value Add, Coal Face of change, (I need to stop now before I expolode!)

To the diet and lifestyle fads that mean our lives will surely be filled with misery and ill health if we don't adopt them immediately:

The Jedi Religion, Planking, Atkins, The Secret, Louise Hay, aaaaand The Cotton Ball Diet (yes it's actually A THING!).

Anyway, back to this Slow Living thing.

I've been seeing this description of life come up a lot lately. And I really like it. Why? It resonates with me. I've spent so many years of my life rushing. From home to office to airport to factories to cities......phew....

Our family decided to 'simplify' our lives, prior to having heard of the slow living , err shall we say movement?

We decided that our health and our sanity were more important than our luxury cars and our beach home. So we downgraded everything (including my high flying corporate career) and started to simplify our lives.

Then the unthinkable happened, and my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Without sounding like a quote you might find on a fridge, it totally changed our lives.

Yes, in all the horrible ways you would expect with cancer. Treatment, anxiety, sickness etc.... But, (and I'm not trying to minimise what hubby, son and I are going through) we have found an amazing balance in our lives.

And I think it's slow living!

We now live on very little income - and am I actually saying this? - I really like it! It has completely simplified our lives.

We literally take each day as it comes. We breathe in the air and feel thankful for the freshness, we travel the countryside free camping in our little caravan, and marvel at nature, people, and life in general.

Our life is as uncomplicated as it can possibly be, we live simply. We eat as cleanly as possible; we still eat carbs, butter, & chocolate (of course!) but we always have multi coloured juice in the fridge that I make with produce from my weekly market shop. There's always a salad, or a homemade muffin to grab on the go.

I have learned to nurture myself and my family. Things I had previously thought of as indulgent I now consider necessary - good food, great coffee, essential oils, beach walks.

So I suppose for us, and especially for me as an individual and not just a mum and wife, Slow Living is being mindful. It's getting back to the bare basics of your core values and beliefs, and making a conscious choice to embrace, develop and work towards a life that you can enjoy.

What does Slow Living mean to you? Grab a cuppa, flick through your favourite book and have a ponder. I'd love to know!

#Slowliving #slowliving #mindful #fresh #freshfood #cancer #family #life #nurture #simple

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